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I am a sandal queen


I simply love sandals! To me, it is an uninhibited way of looking good. Take your pick on the look that you wish to achieve – elegant, professional, sexy, sporty, cool, funky, playful, cute, goofy, adventurous and feminine.

My mum doesn’t understand why I’m always in sandals instead of a pair of warm, snug and to her, comfortable and safe, shoes. (Yes, exposed toes are dangerous to her!) My feet are as free-spirited as its owner, they like the liberty that sandals afford them. My toes need the space to wriggle and breath, they feel suffocated in the confines of shoes.  This is especially so in pumps, where they would be tightly pressed together into an uncomfortable mould.

Freedom aside there is something special about the sandal – it is light, sexy, sensual, airy, easy-to-slip-on, versatile, fun, cheerful and simply irresistible! Who needs stuffy shoes when you can have pretty dress sandals?

Naturally, I have different sandals to suit different occasions – smart ones for work, casual ones for the beach, summery ones with sundresses, sexy ones for that LBD (little black dress), sporty ones for those brisk walk – well, you name it.

My all-time favourite is the slide sandal as it is the most versatile of all. An open-toed and back footwear with a strap across its top, a slide can be casual or dressy depending on the design. Make it higher with heels; add a little embellishment and you have a dress sandal fit for the evening or even for your own wedding. Smart, leather slide in black or other basic colours works for the office. A simple, low-heeled one would bring you from a girl’s day out shopping to a casual date. Best of all, you can just slide your feet in! And there are no straps at the back to cause painful blisters. Fuss-free and they bring you from the boardwalk to the boardroom.

Thongs are my next best friend. With a very open upper part except for the Y-shaped strap that separates the big toe from the second toe; thongs are comfortable, casual and sexy. Best paired with summer sundresses and smart casual attire, they jazz up any outfit. Floral pin with kitten heels perks up a sundress or a long skirt. Gem or stud embellishments or leather sandals are great with jeans or khaki coloured pants. Thongs are great for travelling too. They afford comfort without looking sloppy. 


For the ultimate comfort, nothing beats the humble flip-flops. Known by a multitude of different names, from ‘jandals’ to ‘pluggers’ to ‘toesies’ to ‘slip slaps’ to ‘zori’;  flip-flops is the original thong sandal in its ‘primitive’ form – flat rubber sandals with a band that separates the big toe and other toes. Slip them on when you venture to the neighbourhood shops or chill out at the beach. With the popularity of Havaianas flip-flops, it is now cool to wear it everywhere. Many have worn this trendy footwear for shopping and even to casual parties. I always bring a pair along for my travels too. You could walk for miles in them and let your tired feet stay happy.

When you can look that good in a sandal, you wonder why did anyone needed shoes in the first place. :p

Without being coop up in shoes, you feel as though you can dance your way to the top in a sandal. And you can. 🙂

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