The Wordsmith

Tara L

Wordsmith and Capturer of Essence

Tinkering with words as a child, I always knew I wanted to be a wordsmith. After years of navigating the jungle of marketing and account-servicing, meandering through the thrilling bends of project and event management, jetting around the globe in international relations, not to mention rolling my way through the financial world; I hear the wordsmith in me clamouring to be released.

 As a corporate warrior, I have crafted business proposals, advertorials and promotional materials, website content, press releases and speeches. The call of the pen has beckoned me to the workshop of words, toiling to forge the perfect piece. (Though the perfect piece is always the next piece!)

 A love for languages has seen me swimming across the linguistic spheres of English, Chinese and Malay. Fondness for capturing the essence of what one language says into another has led me to the fascinating domain of translation.

 Amidst all these and the demands of life, I try to find time and inspiration to complete my long-awaited novel.

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