Baby Spectator

The baby’s cherubic smile stood out from the spectators of sports enthusiasts. While Mummy is focused on the game of water polo, little one teases with his twinkling eyes, seducing the girls sitting behind him, from the brawny 6-pack abs players. The girls in turn made funny faces to humour him. He rewards them with his winsome smile. Occasionally, he gives the players a nonchalant glance. Mummy fusses over him in between games and fielding business calls on the mobile phone, feeding or burping him. Tired of all the excitement around him, he sometimes nods off into slumber land, blissfully unaware that his crooked smile while asleep distracts the girls from the game. Bewitched, one of the girls steals a shot of him with her camera. When the little prince awakes from his beauty sleep refreshed, Mummy quickly takes snapshots of him for the memories. Years from now, she would say, “Hey that was you as a baby at the Asian Games in 2010!”

To me, this was the true highlight of that afternoon’s game. Sorry, guys, I know your hunky 6-pack abs bodies are to-die-for but the baby stole my heart. : p

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