What do you think Success is?

What does “success” mean to you? More importantly, is that your definition of success or is that society’s or someone else’s? Be successful in your own terms and be proud of it.

What is “success”? Everyone wants to be successful but do they know what success really is?

 When you mention the word, “success”; does having a successful career and family together with mandatory possessions like a big house and a fancy car; come to mind? If so, why? Is that society’s definition of success that we’ve been conditioned to believe in?

 More importantly, is that our definition of success? Is that what we want? Or is that what our parents or society wants? It is really up to you to fix your own definition of success. In fact, it is imperative that you do so to give yourself the right direction in life.

 Once you have decided what it is that you really want in life, you would not be bothered by what others think of you. It is a liberating experience — you become free from others’ yardstick.

 You focus on your goals. If scaling Mount Everest is what you deem as success, then who cares about that promotion at work. Of course having a successful career could also be one of your ideas of success. You have to prioritize and decide what is at the top of your list. Only then can you work out how much effort and time you would like to devote to each of your endeavour.

 When you do what you truly enjoy, you would naturally be happy. Yes, being happy is one of success’s criteria, albeit the most underrated one. And for some people, just living a happy life is success itself.

 So what exactly is “success”? To me, being able to do what one has set out to do; no matter how small or supposedly insignificant, in the eyes of others; is success in its essence.

 Nevertheless, it is never easy to shake off society’s version of success. How many times have you been made to feel like a failure just because you earn less than your over-achieving brother or cousin? There are some who feel that only ‘losers’ think that being happy in life is of prime importance. They think it is an excuse for not making the cut.

 In truth, we don’t need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves. Success means having the courage to stick to one’s conviction in the face of opposition or even ridicule. In fact, the hardest of all is to constantly reaffirm oneself of one’s belief – that our definition of success is the one that matters.

 Success is triumphing over countless “failures” (I prefer to call them setbacks.) and not giving up.

Perseverance + Hardwork = Success

 What is your take on success? We can all be successful if we follow our heart and do our best. It is also crucial that we believe firmly in our definition of success.

 Define your own success — success should be in your own terms, not anyone else’s. Do not let mainstream society or anyone else for that matter, intimidate you into thinking otherwise. Remember, it is your life after all!

 Create your own success and be proud of it. No doubt, there would always be pressure to have your parents or someone who matters, feel proud of you. In actuality, you don’t need anyone’s approval but your own. If you are proud and confident enough of your own success, others would eventually come round and recognize it.

 So if haven’t thought about what success really means to you, start today and work towards it. Remember, anyone can be successful.

Note: First published on buzzle.com on 27 August 2008

Link: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-do-you-think-success-is.html

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